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I love these boys! This session was of the whole family, with an ephasis on little man, Marshall. These guys are growing up with some of the best personalitites i've seen. I always have so much fun with them. :)

A year goes by so fast. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed watching D-man grow during his baby time. I have been blessed to document his time inside mommy, his birth, and all his milestones during the first year. I joke to his mama that he's finally grown into that big head of his, ha! I can't wait to see how he continues to grow. xo

Could she be any cuter?! I loved how sweet and cuddly she was. Smiles for miles. :)

Sweet baby girl Preslee slept so well for us. She has all the baby rolls you could want, and some gorgeous red hair as well.

The first time I met this family was 3 years ago. The girls were so cute, and so much fun - dancing around and smiling as big as can be. This time wasn't much different. They have such sweet little souls, and are a joy to photograph. :)

What a difference a few years can make...

I had the privelage of photographing them on their own land this time. This is dad's favorite view below...

Just like last time we put together an album. Mom told me how much the girls look through their previous session album, and I hope they get as much joy out of this one!

I can't wait to see these on their walls! On the left is their favorite family portrait in a 20x24 (Dad got the same one in a 16x20 for his office), and a collage to match the previous one we did a few years ago. It's going to be so neat as the girls grow up to see a timeline of collages! My mom did the same thing of me and all my brothers. :)