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Emery Kate is already three months old! This sweetie has a fantastic disposition, and perfect little baby rolls. :) I just wanted to cuddle her for hours. Oh, and check out that adorable dimple!

and two become three...

Sweet baby girl Preslee slept so well for us. She has all the baby rolls you could want, and some gorgeous red hair as well.

When Maggie came into the studio she was such a tiny little girl! I enjoyed every minute photographing her. She slept through the whole session, and barely made a peep. :) For weighing just under 6 pounds she sure had some beautiful baby rolls!

I like to keep my newborn sessions as close to natural as possible. That means I shoot a lot of neutral tones, but I like to throw in a bit of fun color as well. :)

That year went by fast! Stop growing so quickly! :)